Arenales - Playgarden NYC

Immersive English-Español Education

Effective bilingual education when it matters the most!

  • Immersive program (50/50 English/Español) for the youngest learners
  • Expert teachers from Spain
  • Comprehensive, proven, curriculum in both languages

Bilingualism researchers and experts on second language learning agree: the earlier, the better.

What is bilingualism?
Dominant language + Time of exposure + Context

What makes Playgarden Prep Español different?
It's an immersion partnership between two leading educational companies
Playgarden Prep (est. 2007)
  • Experts in first school experience
  • Early education and whole child development
  • Proven program with strong ex-missions
Arenales Network (est. 2009)
  • Leading Educational Network from Spain
  • Experts in Bilingual Education with 35 schools around the world
  • Focused on whole Family development

Preschool program

Pairing Montessori methods and materials with custom Playgarden educational tools, we introduce separation, daily school routine, group lessons and independent work in classrooms carefully prepared for young students.

Specialized Facilities For Individualized Education

  • The Group Room focuses on core curriculum and peer-to-peer learning, while introducing little ones to classroom setting instruction
  • The Montessori rooms promotes child-led, independent learning
  • The Nutrition room reinforces learning by involving all the senses (taste, smell, tact) while introducing new foods, teaching life skills and promoting socialization
  • Our movement room promotes gross motor skills through sports, yoga and dance
  • Our custom music room allows students to explore instruments and musical theory while our art and sensory room allows for important sensory and cooperative learning
  • Our teachers are trained to help guide and support each child throughout their distinct learning and language journey
Every child learns differently, our classrooms are designed for each type of learner

Families at the Center

A child's family is their best educational tool

  • We provide families with additional educational content to support at home learning
  • We welcome and support families with all types of languages at home
  • We are a community!

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“The ability to hear different phonetic pronunciations is sharpest before age 3, and we lose the capacity to hear and produce certain sounds if we aren't exposed to them early on”

-François Thibaut, director of the Language Workshop for Children in NYC

Meet Your Teachers

Imalay Aguilar
Green Class
Gabriela Montero
Blue Class

“Relatively balanced exposure to the two languages is most likely to promote successful acquisition of both of the languages”

Elin Thordardottir, Ph.D. International Journal of Bilingualism
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More active and flexible brains!

Research demonstrated that bilingual individuals (children) show enhanced cognitive abilities in comparison to their non-bilingual counterparts. They have an easier time:

  • Understanding math concepts and solving word problems;
  • Developing critical thinking skills;
  • Applying or using logical reasoning
  • Focusing, remembering, and making decisions;
  • Learning other languages.


Research has found that infants raised in a bi-lingual environment show improved self-control, a crucial factor linked to academic success. As much as this is a true affirmation, many of the students won't come or will be raised in a bi-lingual household.


  • Better able to block out irrelevant information
  • Higher levels of abstract thought
  • Flexible approach to thinking through problems

The classrooms

  • We group little one base on their school readiness
  • Young 2s, 2s, 3s, Pre-K
  • We support all types of Spanish language learners (from beginners with no exposure at home to only Spanish mother tongue at home)

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    Playgarden Prep Español is so much more! First Educational Experience in Spanish

    All en Español!

    Bilingualism researchers and experts on second language learning agree: the earlier, the better.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    • Are bilingual children confused?

      No! research has proven that code switching language discrimination is easy and natural for young learners

    • How easy is it to learn a second language?

      Quality and quantity to exposure to the language matters. Daily exposure to relevant content in the new language is key to achieve long term, sustainable, proficiency.

    • What is an immersion program?

      At Playgarden Prep Español we strive for a 50/50 balance of language immersion, supporting bilingualism.