Little Rockin’ Yogis

Little Rockin’ Yogis

Little Rockin’ Yogis (3-5 year olds): Our youngest yogis will experience yoga through themed classes which incorporate imaginative stories, games, and begin exploring poses. We will focus on strength, balance, and breathing while increasing flexibility. These activities will also promote growth of sensory and motor development which will help their attention, language, coordination, body awareness, and self regulation.

Spring Semester: March 2nd – June 21st, 2020
Mondays 4:30pm – 5:15pm (3-5 years)

About Kids Yoga Rocks

Kids Yoga Rocks was started by, Jaclyn Rock, a former elementary school teacher and yoga enthusiast in New York City. Her goal is to help each child reach their greatest potential. Throughout the years of working with children, it is clear to see how one can develop body awareness, manage stress (through breathing), build concentration, and most importantly feel confident and positive as individuals through yoga. Children will be able to develop these attributes through creative activities, stories, yoga poses and games.

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