Movement (12 months-5 years)

Active classes encourage gross motor skills, balance and coordination. Children engage in peer play on obstacle courses, sports and games and enjoy yoga stretching, dancing in bubbles and music!

Music (3-36 months)

Classes introduce a variety of musical genres and instruments from around the world. Little musicians work on rhythm, rhyming and keeping the beat! Teachers instill a love of music and peer play with our custom curriculum designed to inspire young students!

Early Learning (18-36 months)

Classes introduce little ones to first educational concepts with a Montessori-based curriculum. Music, books and hands-on learning are our key components to teaching young students colors, shapes, alphabet and counting. Learn and play with us!

STEM (3-5 years)-Drop Off

Hands-on classes for little scientists that introduce math and engineering concepts with a focus on fun! Students are empowered to problem solve and create new things every week. Come learn with STEM!

PreK Prep (3-5 years)-Drop Off

Classes promote early cognitive development with Montessori-based lessons and certified teachers. Children gain confidence in an educational setting and prepare for success in preK and Kindergarten!

Cooking with Creative Kitchen (2.5-5 years)

Shake up after school snack time with Cricket Azima and The Creative Kitchen! Little chefs and their adult companions get hands-on with fun and flavorful foods to make individual portions of tasty recipes, including Strawberry Salsa, Creative Crepes, and Polk Dot Pudding! Food-themed music, art, and other food-related activities are peppered into the lessons, serving up a delicious end to the day! 

Hip Hop (3-5 years)-Drop Off

Introduction to basic Hip Hop steps, break dancing and tumbling. Dancers learn rhythm and beat while incorporating coordination, balance and beat boxing!