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Welcome to the Learning Lab!

Promote whole-child development with early learning at Playgarden! Our innovative programs for early learners provide children up to 1st grade with the tools they need to succeed in school and in life.

After-School Programs
Learning Pods
Enrichment Classes
Community Events

Playgarden's Learning Lab offers the latest in all things early childhood education.

Afterschool Pods

Afterschool Pods

Our small group Learning Pods help promote Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade readiness - with additional offerings such as tutoring, homework help and more!


Our innovative programs promote whole-child development with classes in Music, Early Learning, Language, Cooking, Play-Gardening and SEL Playdates.
Community & Parent Support

Community & Parent Support

Our expert educators provide Family Seminars, Parent-Teacher Conferences, School Application Guidance and Language Support.


1-On-1 Literacy and Language (Orton-Gillingham), Early Math, Speech, Communication, and more. Our certified teachers and subject experts will help your little one get back on track, or complement their learning journey!
Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning

Consistency is key for little ones to master educational concepts! By combining in-person learning with practice at-home, our hybrid program is the most impactful way to promote early learning.
Summer Camp - Playgarden NYC

Now Enrolling
for Summer Camp!

June 11 - August 17 Ages 2 - 5 yrs old
3, 4, or 5 Day Options 9AM to 12PM - 1PM or 3PM
Call or email to save your spot today! CALL

Playgarden Prep Summer Camp

  • Playgarden Prep's Preschool Curriculum combined with fun-filled Summer Camp Activities
  • Led by your favorite Playgarden Prep teachers
  • The perfect way to prepare little ones for school drop-off
  • Keep young learners engaged during summer months


9-12: $125/day 9-1: $150/day 9-3: $185/day (Rest and playground time included) ** Lunch is not included - please be sure to pack lunch if enrolling until 1 or 3.
10% Full Summer Discount


*Recommended by Time Out New York

Our famous Playgarden birthday parties are now available on the Upper East Side, in our new space including a 2,500 sq. ft. outdoor playground!

Our Curriculum

Preschool and Pre-K are essential for developing pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills, as well as for cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. At Playgarden, we introduce the following skills and more:

Language & Vocabulary
Early Reading/Literacy Skills
Early Writing Skills
Gross & Fine Motor Skills
Early Math Concepts
Science & Problem-Solving
Listening & Speaking Skills
Cognitive Thinking & Memory Skills
Social-Emotional Skills
Social Studies
Music & Creative Arts

Meet Your Teachers

Our teachers are knowledgeable, experienced educators who love teaching little ones. Find out more about each Playgarden Prep teacher!

Our Goals:

Engaging early education to inspire a love of learning, teachers and the school environment.
Preparing children with the skills and confidence to enter school ready to thrive.
Encouraging social skills and emotional literacy through play.
Supporting language development and literacy with classes, programs and custom tools.
Layering learning with our innovative hybrid program, that allows learning to start in the classroom and continue at home.
Offering hands-on materials to use at home to promote whole-child development.
Supporting families with expert guidance as they navigate their child's early education journey.
Connecting families in positive ways to build a community of early learning.
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