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Montessori-based preschools with in-person programs. Drop off for children 2-4 years of age. Experienced Certified Teachers and proven curriculum.

Early Learning - Playgarden NYC

Early Learning

Small group learning in pods of 5 children. Afternoon drop off provides early learning and preschool skills in our carefully designed classrooms.



8,000 square feet of safe, clean indoor play on our Playground! Children enjoy socialization and gross motor development in our members’ only space.



Access Playgarden Prep curriculum at home! Daily lessons and activities provide hands-on learning for our youngest students with over 2,000 videos and activities.

Summer Camp - Playgarden NYC

Summer Camp

Ger ready for preschool, practice drop-off, even learn Spanish with Playgarden Prep’s teachers at summer camp.

What makes Playgarden stand out?

Personalized Approach - Playgarden NYC

Personalized Approach

At Playgarden, we believe in joyful learning through the whole-child approach. Because all children learn differently, our robust curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each individual child, focusing on different modalities of education while fostering a love of learning in all students! Our curriculum is Montessori-inspired, providing students with the autonomy to be hands-on learners in an environment which promotes natural curiosity, high-level thinkers, and a sense of independence. Though we are a Montessori-inspired school, we believe in whole-child learning, which allows our teachers to utilize different teaching methods in the classroom such as Reggio-Emilia, Waldorf, High Scope, and Play-Based learning.

Personalized Approach - Playgarden NYC
Exceptional Educators - Playgarden NYC

Exceptional Educators

At Playgarden Prep, we believe in classroom excellence! Our teachers have extensive experience in early childhood education and a strong understanding of early development. Our team of diverse educators are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about providing your child with an educational experience that will help them become lifelong learners.

Exceptional Educators - Playgarden NYC
Hybrid Learning - Playgarden NYC

Hybrid Learning

Enrolled families receive access to our Modern Classroom platform; each week, your child’s teachers will upload photos and videos taken in school, as well as worksheets, teacher-led lesson videos, and custom songs to reinforce the week of learning. Students may also attend live Zoom classes after school through Playgarden’s Online program.

Hybrid Learning - Playgarden NYC
Ex-missions Support - Playgarden NYC

Ex-missions Support

Our dedicated staff has many years of experience in navigating families through the NYC ex-missions process. The kindergarten application process can be very overwhelming, but our step-by-step process will help you to better understand school philosophies, admissions processes, and deadlines. During the early weeks of September, our ex-missions team hosts a Kindergarten Meeting to give families the opportunity to explore different school options, including local private schools, public schools, and charter schools. Families are always invited to meet with our ex-missions team to discuss their child’s kindergarten readiness goals, inquire more information about their top schools, and receive letters of recommendation.

Ex-missions Support - Playgarden NYC
Community Care - Playgarden NYC

Community Care

Playgarden Prep believes in bridging the gap between home and school. As a premiere preschool, family engagement is crucial to your child’s success! Our goal is to collaborate with families to help promote whole child development; we love to support our community through events, both in-location and virtual. Playgarden Prep locations host active Parent-Teacher Associations, and supply weekly recommendations for your little one based on what they learned in class during the week; this includes recommendations for books and educational DIY projects, Learning Kits, and more options to bring the classroom to your home.

Community Care - Playgarden NYC
200+ Happy Families
25+ Exceptional Educators
3 Locations

Our Locations

Tribeca - Playgarden NYC

Tribeca Location

Opened in 2008, ~8,000 sqft of space dedicated to early education and development of young children. The largest indoor playground in NYC for unstructured play combined with tailormade classrooms for Playgarden Prep curriculum – Preschool, Learning Pods, Playdates and Enrichment Classes.

UES: Madison Ave - Playgarden NYC

UES: Madison Ave

3,000 sqft space built out in 2016 to provide the best educational environment for young children. Preschool and Learning Pods with Early Education, Socialization and Physical play.

UES: Park & 86th - Playgarden NYC

UES: Park & 86th

Promote whole-child development with early learning at Playgarden! Our innovative programs for early learners provide children up to 1st grade with the tools they need to succeed in school and in life.

Online Preschool - Playgarden NYC

Online Preschool

When you can’t go to preschool, Playgarden Prep brings preschool to you! Learn for an hour a day, any day! Video lessons taught by our certified teachers pair with activities to layer learning. Children love their Playgarden Prep teachers!

See what others have to say!

“I have had two children graduate from Playgarden. They both became confident and independent children with a great love for learning. The teachers at Playgarden are unparalleled, teaching early literacy skills and science alongside all of the social-emotional skills early learners need. I have yet to come across a school environment that is as purposeful and communicative. Playgarden not only provided an incredible education that had my children prepared for their next schools, but they were also integral partners in the ex-missions process, placing them in the best preschools and ongoing schools.”

Proud Parent

“The truly exceptional teachers really get to know your child and what he or she needs. My son is really learning – not just his letters and how to write, but how to be independent and how to be a good friend.”

Proud Parent

“Playgarden Prep holds a special place in my heart. Our child really embraced and thrived in the Montessori based curriculum. He learned so much academically and emotionally, while becoming such an independent creative thinker. He made real connections with the teachers and his classmates that we will never forget.”

Proud Parent

“I never thought I could be in love with my child’s preschool until she started at Playgarden Prep. This school has set the bar for me for my children’s education. The teachers are warm, incredibly engaged, caring and made transition to drop-off easy. Their educational material is impressive and has set the stage for my child to enjoy becoming a lifelong learner.”

Proud Parent

“Playgarden is very special. My son is so lucky to have had these past two years in the most nurturing, enriching and beautiful environment they have masterfully created. ”

Proud Parent

“When it came time to make the decision of where to send our daughter to school, Playgarden Prep was our obvious first choice. We are so impressed with the teaching style and the state of the art facility. Our daughter always has the biggest smile on her face when we ask her about school. We’re so happy to be part of the Playgarden Prep family!”

Proud Parent

“Playgarden is a place that truly helped my son thrive! He attended class at the UES location for 3 years and in that time his growth both intellectually and socially was tremendous. As an educator myself I was consistently impressed with the amount of care placed into every aspect of his education there. The facility was always immaculate and thoughtfully planned out with activities perfect for the very young child. Their curriculum has helped set a foundation for his work in Kindergarten and has proven to be invaluable. We could not have found a better environment for his early learning career.”

Proud Parent

“Our daughters have learned so much with Playgarden Prep, not only educationally but socially too. The curriculum is impressive, flexible and well rounded. Our daughters also adore the Playgarden songs and listen to them every day. These songs and the Playgarden Prep teachers have become a part of our family. ”

Proud Parent

“You guys are amazing… my daughter knows letters, numbers, continents & planets before she even turned 3 and that barely scratches the surface! Thanks for helping parents give their kids real learning!”

Proud Parent

Playgarden Prep and Arenales Educational Network have partnered up to offer an immersive bilingual preschool program. Students will learn in both English and Spanish, to promote true bilingualism while giving little ones a head start through a comprehensive curriculum.

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Playgarden Prep organizes engaging events throughout the year! For parents, we offer seminars on nutrition, applying for schools, and all things parenting. Children enjoy our seasonal parties and holiday camps!

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