Four Tips for Helping Homeschooled Children Build Social Skills

Four Tips for Helping Homeschooled Children Build Social Skills - Playgarden NYC

One of the biggest concerns among parents considering homeschooling is the issue of their child’s social emotional development. Preschools allow children to be exposed to a wide variety of people and social settings, and that can be difficult to replicate in a homeschool environment. However, that doesn’t mean teaching social skills to homeschooled children is impossible!  We’ve got some tips to make it easier.

Ways to Help Your Homeschooled Child Learn Social Skills

1. Be a good role model

If you’re homeschooling your child, you are their #1 source for learning social interactions.  Always keep that in mind, whenever you’re in public and your child is with you.  They’ll be looking for you for guidance, and however, you behave around other people is how they’re likely to behave as well. Try turning conversations into learning opportunities.  For example, take a moment to point out things like conversational greetings or how to properly end a discussion.  Always emphasize the importance of being polite and considerate of others!

2. Look for materials aimed at improving social skills

Standard schools may not necessarily teach social skills as a regular class, as this happens naturally in this setting, but such teaching materials do exist. Try contacting your local school to find out what curriculum or resources they use. You can also try searching for resources on your own, things such as books, games, or crafts — these materials can potentially do a good job aiding in socialization skills to homeschooled students.

3. Make time to meet up with people in your community

If your child isn’t attending a diverse school, it’ll be up to you to help expose them to a wide variety of people.  Look for groups in your community, such as clubs or play groups, that your child could participate in. You can also make connections with other homeschooling parents in your area, so your children can learn together.

4. Turn social media into teaching opportunities

If your child engages in any online social media, make sure to keep an eye on their behavior.  Online etiquette is another important aspect of social learning in this day and age, and opportunities will present themselves where you can help your child become a better online citizen.

Online Schooling Can Help

Looking for more ways to help your child interact with more learners like themselves? Playgarden Prep offers Multi-approach learning style classes Online and to the UES and Tribeca areas.  Click here to take a look.


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