How to Help Your Young Child Cope with Extended Quarantines.

Check out some of the MOST POPULAR questions our Playgarden Prep early learning center teachers are asked about 2-3 year olds.

Extended lockdowns and social distancing are difficult for everyone – but our children are some of the most impacted. Young children may not understand what going on or why they suddenly can’t see their beloved friends or family. This combined with household stressors can seriously affect them, so

helping maintain your child’s mental health is important right now. Social-emotional is a large part of children’s development, and must be considered while learning at home.

-Be Honest with Them

Children are naturally intuitive. Therefore, hiding the current world state from them is not always the best solution. Be as honest as you can about what’s going on, to try and maintain trust and communication.

-Talk About Emotions

This could actually be an excellent opportunity to help your children learn to talk about their feelings. They may be scared and/or worried, especially if they can see or sense stress within you. Talk these things out! It is an excellent way to model behavior and may help them deal with their own feelings in the future.

-Use Technology to Maintain Connections

Your children might not be able to go to school or visit family and friends, but technology makes it easier to stay in touch. Video technology is widespread and easy for anyone with a smart device or laptop, so make use of them! Arrange virtual playdates with their friends or family to support their social development.

-Maintain an Educational Schedule

One thing to avoid is allowing your child to become accustomed to screen time and couch lounging all day.

Look into educational resources for young children or consider an online preschool, so that they can maintain a schedule and continue some form of instruction. Try to give them a schedule that resembles their old routines

as much as possible, so their day-to-day lives still have some familiar structure.

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