How to Keep Your Preschool Children Healthy, Happy, and Entertained

How to Keep Your Preschool Children Healthy, Happy, and Entertained - Playgarden NYC

Almost a year into the pandemic, and COVID-19 is not showing signs of slowing. New strains are causing new lockdowns all across the globe, and it only takes one positive result to shutter your child’s preschool. So how do you keep your child happy, healthy, and engaged without relying on screens all day?

The most important thing for their all-around toddler health is to set aside dedicated time to seek out enriching and educational activities that can keep both their bodies and minds busy.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

Teach Them About Health

There has never been a better time to teach your preschooler about the importance of their own toddler health and personal hygiene. Explain how germs spread while reinforcing the importance of hand washing, sneezing/coughing into their arm, and the practice of social distancing. These lessons will help keep them safe for a lifetime!

Maintain A School-Like Schedule

Try not to let children grow accustomed to lounging all day, as it may be difficult to get them back into a routine once lockdowns are lifted. Maintain a structured schedule that resembles theirs at school — this should include time for school work during normal school hours. This can be accomplished with online preschool (more about that later!)


Your child also needs to stay active for their toddler health. Look for fun movement games or activities, many of which can be found online, or get creative with items around the house! Walking and playing outdoors in the open air is also an easy way to get active.

Use Technology to Stay Connected to Friends and Family

Parties and playdates are still higher risk activities in terms of toddler health, especially if school is closed for a positive case. However, video-conferencing programs are still an option. Arrange virtual meetups with the parents of your child’s friends to help them stay connected.

Consider Registering With a Virtual Preschool

More and more NYC-based preschools are beginning to offer online preschool options as an alternative to in-person instruction. This can also be beneficial for parents looking to supplement school learning at home. Online preschool can engage and educate your child, all while offering socialization opportunities that might otherwise be hard to find during a lockdown.

Playgarden Prep is a superb multi-faceted preschool program utilizing both in-person classes and online preschool. We offer a robust curriculum intended to enrich your child while giving them a substantial head start in their early educational years! Click here to learn more about us!


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