The New Normal: What to Expect from Montessori Preschools In 2021

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We don’t need to tell you that the world has changed after the COVID-19 outbreak last year, but sometimes it can be hard to keep in mind all the ways things have changed. The outbreak changed how we look at all types of public activities – including preschools.  If you’re looking at sending your child to an Upper East Side preschool this summer or fall, there are going to be a lot of changes.

Here’s what to expect from some UES Montessori preschools in the year to come.

Five Big Changes to UES Montessori Preschools In 2021 

1. Social Distancing

Children will likely be expected to adhere to 3- or 6-foot social distancing guidelines as much as possible, especially when they are in large groups. This may be difficult for some children to adjust to, but it’s necessary for their safety, as well as the safety of their families. Some activities, such as bathroom breaks, will probably also be restructured to limit the number of children who are together.

2. Smaller class sizes

Many schools in the area are limiting their admissions even more than usual. On one hand, this will mean more one-on-one time for students who get in. However, it will make it extra difficult to secure a spot for your child. Make sure you’re already in contact with several Upper East Side preschools and on their lists, to improve your chances of admission into the preschool of choice,

3. More focus on hygiene 

Most Montessori-style preschools in the area are making personal hygiene and cleanliness a part of their curriculum. Children will be expected to participate in cleaning activities, as well as learning about the importance of hygiene. This could be a good thing in the long run, encouraging them to live healthier lives going forward.

4. Limited school food programs

Some schools are restricting or eliminating their on-site food preparation to avoid another potential vector of disease transmission. If your child will be attending a UES Montessori preschool this year, be sure to contact the administrators to find out if you’ll need to provide your own lunch or snacks.

5. Reduced sports

Contact sports are out in 2021 for most schools. Most physical education will be exercise-based and will avoid physical contact between students as much as possible. This is unfortunate, but necessary under the circumstances. Fortunately, this doesn’t impact most preschools that much as very few offer team sports.

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