Top Tips for Booking a Birthday Party for Your Little One

Top Tips for Booking a Birthday Party for Your Little One - Playgarden NYC

It’s that special time again, or maybe you’re celebrating it for the very first time — it’s your little one’s birthday! As a child, birthdays are such special days. I remember birthday parties in my backyard with face painting and pool time, and of course, birthday cake. We all have memories of birthdays past, maybe specifically from early childhood. And now it’s your turn to start making memories on your little one’s birthday. You’ll want to make it special — and it will be. With the excitement of a birthday comes the possible anxiety of planning a party. Planning by yourself can be overwhelming, so whether you choose to book a party at any of the specific kids birthday party places near you, or host at at your own home, here are some tips for planning a birthday party for your little one. I’ve been leading and assisting birthday parties at Playgarden Prep, which is an excellent place to have kids birthday parties, for about seven years now, so I’d say I’m credible! 😉

Party Size

Does your little one want a big birthday party? You’d be surprised by how many families have booked big parties at a kids birthday party place, just for their little one to be overwhelmed and uninterested in their own party. So, before you book a party for 30 kids at any of the many places to have kids birthday parties in your area, make sure your child is genuinely excited for and interested in a large party. There are plenty of ways to make a small birthday celebration very special and more enjoyable for little ones who may get overwhelmed easily. At the end of the day, the party is to celebrate your little one, so doing what will make them happy is what matters.

Party Theme

If they have a specific interest, like a character or theme, that you know they love, work with that for decorations. It could be farm animals, construction, legos, unicorns, mermaids, their favorite tv show or movie, rainbows… the list goes on and on. Let it inspire the place to have kids birthday parties, decorations, party favors, and the cake. I’ve even seen parents make T-shirts for their little ones with fun phrases that went along with the theme; for a farm animal party, the little one had a shirt that said “oink, baa, moo, I’m turning two!” When you play into the theme, even if you can’t make the kids birthday party place the exact theme (like an actual farm), that’s where a lot of fun and creativity happens!

Party Activities

Do they like music or special songs? Sports? Dressing up? Dancing? Our little ones have so many interests — if they are able to communicate what kind of party they want and what they would like to do, work with what they tell you. Agewise, typically, kids turning three and up will want to be running around, playing games and doing activities, so a place to have kids birthday parties catering to that will be great. Some kids, typically under or turning 2, are more engaged with song circles and puppet shows. Other activities that work great at any kids birthday party places include:

  • Temporary tattoos or face painting
  • Bubbles
  • Ring toss
  • Obstacle courses/playground
  • Entertainment (magician, live musician, character, etc.)

Party at Home

If you opt for a smaller party, making your home the kids birthday party place has its benefits: not worrying about the weather, having a reliable bathroom, and you know your little one feels comfortable there. If the party falls in the spring or summer, look to a nearby park location, so little ones can have space to run around and get messy without worry. And if you do end up hosting, you don’t have to do it alone! Friends and family will be more than happy to help you get ready for your little one’s birthday celebration, whether that’s with preparation and decoration, help during the party, or assistance with clean up. You may even have a babysitter or caregiver that could help out with activities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Parties at Playgarden Prep

Of course there are also places to have kids birthday parties that are devoted to planning and throwing parties for you. At Playgarden Prep, we provide the space, staff, planning, set-up, activities, and clean-up for your family and guests. We have enthusiastic staff who engage with the little ones while assisting with running the party. Little ones have a blast at Playgarden parties, and kids and grown-ups alike have shared their appreciation and admiration for the parties we host, making Playgarden Prep an amazing place to have kids birthday parties! 

My favorite part of a party at Playgarden’s kids birthday party place is when we sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday kid. The family gathers around them and sings, and we all see how special that moment is for them. Your party could go perfectly or have a lot of bumps along the way, but whatever happens and wherever the place to have kids birthday parties, the reason for the party is the special little one who was born on that day, and that is definitely worth celebrating!


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