What Makes the Montessori Method Stand Out

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These days, with everything from public schools, to private and charter/gifted and talented schools to choose from, selecting the best type of education for your child can be a little daunting. This is especially true for parents with young learners that want them to hit all of those important developmental benchmarks.

That’s why Playgarden Prep teachers are here to tell you what makes our Montessori school Tribeca unique and why it could be best for your young learner, so read on!

Multi-Age Groupings

It’s no secret that children learn from their peers, and this can be especially true when mixing age groups, giving younger learners an important opportunity to expand their development. By grouping children that might be at different stages in their learning journey, it can provide an opportunity for older children to guide younger children, in addition to giving young learners more mentors to follow than simply the teacher.

Planes of Development

Maria Montessori, the Italian physician that developed the Montessori teaching method, believed that children passed through different phases of growth and development, the first two (0-6; 6-12) being the most important. We’ve all heard the phrase, “a young mind absorbs information like a sponge.” During these ages is when they’re most likely to retain information and develop at a rapid pace. At this time, children are developing their sense of how the world works, learning how to walk and talk, and socialize with others. Montessori schools help create an optimal environment for these important planes of development.

Self-Guided Discovery & Problem Solving

Another key component of Montessori education is the emphasis placed on guided discovery and problem solving that the student is encouraged to do on their own. Making mistakes and finding solutions on their own is encouraged and teachers will often take a hands-off or observer approach and let their students figure out solutions and develop a keener system of critical observation and problem-solving skills.

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